Emergency Policy

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Emergency Policy

The Library’s emergency policy covers what staff and patrons shall do before, during and after a crises. The main objective of the policy is to give guidelines that will improve the safety of staff and patrons during an emergency.

Inclement weather emergencies

Employee and patron safety is a Library’s concern and priority. However, we are a provider of services and it is generally necessary for the Library to remain open during normal business hours to provide maximum service. In the event of inclement weather, a natural disaster, or a Library declared emergency occurs during non-working hours, employees should contact the Library Director for immediate instructions.

  1. Any closing due to weather or other emergencies will be at the discretion of the Library Director or the Director’s designee. Notification of such closing will be posted on the library website and called into, ABC 12 News. http://www.abc12.com/
  2. Compensation for emergency closings will only cover staff scheduled hours.
  3. Staff should refer to the phone tree, for contact about closures.
  4. If staff is unsure if the library is closed due to inclement weather they should contact the Library Director, or Branch Manager, before reporting to work.

Tornado conditions

Tornado watches or warnings will be confirmed through the Shiawassee County

Emergency Preparedness. http://www.ecnetwork.com

  1. Tornado Watch procedure:
    a. A tornado watch means conditions are favorable for the development of tornadoes.
    b. Staff will notify patrons of tornado watch conditions. The Library will remain open.
  2. Tornado Warning:
    a. A tornado warning means that a tornado has been sighted by spotters or indicated on radar.
    b. Staff will inform patrons a warning has been issued, staff will shut off all computers. Patrons may stay in building or leave.
    c. Patrons may use the phone to call for transportation
    d. Those patrons who remain in the building should be directed to a designated safe place in the building.
  3. Computers will be turned off during severe storms that cause power surges.

Shelter areas should be designated in advance to improve safety conditions. Under most circumstances it is safer to be in the building, away from windows and doors and under heavy furniture if there is no designated shelter nearby. 

When seeking shelter from a tornado, each branch is unique and the following areas have been designated as shelter areas:

Bancroft: Find an interior room with no windows that can accommodate yourself and library patrons. The kitchen and/or furnace room is a good option.

Byron: Move your patrons to the hallway of the school.

Corunna: Unlock the Friends bookstore and move your patrons into the interior of the large store room.

Lennon: Move patrons into the basement of the building.

Morrice: Move patrons into the restroom.

New Lothrop: Move patrons into the storage room or hallway.

Perry: Move patrons into the reading center and staff area.

Power Failure

If power does not return after 5 minutes, check building service and call the local power company to learn nature and estimated time of outage.

If the library would normally close within 30 minutes, and /or its dark outside, staff will close library early, after contacting the Library Director or the Director’s designee. (If the Library Director is unavailable, staff will make decision to close the branch). Post a closure notice sign in a visible location to inform patrons of library closure.


Water and/or sewage problems, furnace or structural problems, should be communicated to the Library Director who will investigate the problem and make the decision to close the library.

Safety Equipment

All staff shall know the locations of fire extinguishers, flashlights, first aid kits, disposable gloves and emergency telephone numbers. Security and safety is the responsibility of library staff.

Suspicious Package/Hazardous Material

Suspicious packages shall not be touched. If an item is discovered in the library or drop box that looks suspicious, immediately evacuate the building, call 911, and report it to Administration.

Smoke or Fire

In the event of smoke or fire in the building, evacuate everyone immediately. Call 911, and Administration (989) 743-3287.

Bomb Threat

If the bomb threat is received by way of email, fax or written notice, you shall notify 911 and evacuate immediately. Notify Library Director as soon as possible. 



Life threatening CALL 911

Err on the side of caution

Complete accident report below for emergencies and general incidents

Person Involved:

Name ______________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________

Phone ______________________________________________________


Description of incident:

Action taken/offered by staff

Note circumstances: rain, snow, person’s clothing, shoes, etc.

_______________________________ _________ ____

Staff Signature Date Time 6 Adopted 06/24/13


Robbery/other threat

  1. Remain calm
  2. Handover cash, if requested
  3. Let the offender leave
  4. CALL 911
  5. Describe offender


Height/age/sex ____________________________________________

Race/complexion __________________________________________

Build/posture/weight _______________________________________

Marks/scars/tattoos ________________________________________

Ears/nose/lips/teeth ________________________________________

Hair ______________________________________________________

Mask _____________________________________________________

Voice/language/accent _______________________________________

Dress/color/type/shirt/pants __________________________________

Walk/physical disabilities _____________________________________

Shoes _____________________________________________________

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